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A bit more information about milling machines below, to satisfy the search bots:

For milling to be simplified the corporation named as Roland DG launched the new model of a milling machine called MODEL PRO II MDX-540 which is perfectly meant for SRP (Subtractive Rapid type Prototyping) and manufacturing design as well as the manufacture of parts and moulds for internal use.  

This model is very fighting fit for small scale manufacture usage and can also be bought with an elective mechanical tool changer, T-slot table and revolving axis unit which collectively support a large variety of applications in milling. All model of MODEL PRO II is available with forceful, user-friendly software called Roland SRP Player CAM, and also easy navigation procedure panel.    SRP Player and MODEL PRO II are said to have revolutionized the conservative milling methods, thus making milling very easy according to Roland DG 3D Product Manager Mathew Landrigan.

Up till now, accuracy milling has been requiring the most highly developed skills of qualified professionals. But now after the insertion of model Roland SRP Player and MODEL PRO II, it has become very easy to attain professional results. All the customers are advised by Roland to plan MODEL PRO II with a little necessary settings furthermore the associated SRP player does the remaining part of the work like determining the selection of utensils and additional particulars important in the direction of the process of milling. Features of the new model MODEL PRO II are as follows:-

    * It has a very huge cutting region
    * It produces smooth, high-class surfaces and accurate results in all models
    * It gives the choice of numerous settings of high-torque or high-spindle range starting from 400 up to 12,000 revolutions per minute (rpm)
    * It has an elective ATC (automatic tools changer) and able to store four utensils for milling that are unattended.
    * An elective revolving axis part allows milling of multiple surfaces
    * It has Rolands user-friendly software called SRP Player CAM
    * It has very low investment and equipment cost
    * It is obtainable in two different models